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Agricultural Education and Studies


The purpose of this study was to determine if nonformal adult students learn at a different level when taught by computer/video assisted instruction when compared to a conventional approach such as lecture with questions and overhead projections;Interactive lessons on agricultural futures hedging and agricultural futures options were written by the investigator and computer/video assisted futures options lessons presented to the treatment groups at Wayne, Enid, and Cherokee, Oklahoma;Three groups of nonformal adult students (N = 60) were selected to participate in the experiment. Pre-tests were developed and administered to a randomized one-half of both the treatment and control groups. The Randomized Solomon Four-Group Design was used to overcome problems of external validity. The four groups included: (1) no pre-test/no treatment, (2) pre-test/no treatment, (3) no pre-test/treatment, and (4) pre-test/treatment;The pre-test mean score for all participants was 18.31 out of a possible 30. The post-test mean score for all participants was observed to be 20.58. Comparisons of pre-test and post-test group means revealed that the post-test mean score for both the control and experimental groups was higher than the pre-test group means. Group pre-test mean scores were observed to be significantly different; however, these differences did not carry over to the post-test mean scores or the differences between pre- and post-test mean scores for each group;Regression analysis of variables using post-test mean as the dependent variable revealed that pre-test score, educational level, sex, high school agricultural instruction, and location accounted for the majority of variance among group means. Analysis of covariance tests selecting the above variables as covariates did not provide significant differences between the treatment and control group mean scores;Significant differences were observed between experimental and control group pre- and post-test mean scores when grouped according to educational background of the participants.



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