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Although the need for accountability is well documented throughout the literature of nursing education, the use of a model of program evaluation to provide the direction necessary for the plan of program evaluation is neither universally documented nor universally recognized throughout the discipline;This study was designed for several purposes: to describe prevailing practices in program evaluation by baccalaureate schools of nursing throughout the country; to present a model of program evaluation for nursing education that incorporates the essence of the emphasis from the specialized accrediting body for nursing as well as recommendations from current literature pertinent to program evaluation; and to describe an application of the proposed model into an actual evaluation plan for a baccalaureate program in nursing;Based on data received from 56 of 75 schools randomly selected throughout the country, it was discovered that a large proportion of nursing educators are attempting to implement a program evaluation process without benefit of an underlying evaluation model. It was also determined that nursing faculties are attempting to combine the process of program evaluation with the criteria for accreditation of baccalaureate and higher degree programs by the National League for Nursing, the specialized accrediting body for nursing education;A model of program evaluation, based on systems theory, the management process, and the emphasis from the National League for Nursing's accreditation criteria was then proposed. An evaluation plan, specific for a new baccalaureate completion program was presented in an attempt to demonstrate application of the proposed model as well as to operationalize the concepts within the model;This study concludes with a discussion and suggestions for further research in the area of program evaluation within nursing education.



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