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Multiple evaluators can evaluate the same teaching performance, from lesson planning to classroom presentation, and arrive at teacher appraisal judgments so different that it would appear the evaluators were observing different teachers. The purpose of this study was to determine of learning styles and other background differences of administrators contribute to differences in teacher appraisal judgments. Data were gathered in Pennsylvania and New York during the summer of 1982 (N = 312);Teacher performance appraisal ratings were obtained using materials prepared for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) by the Research Institute for Studies in Education at Iowa State University. The ASCD materials include seventeen appraisal questions, seven over the lesson plan and ten over the videotaped teaching lesson. Gregorc's Style Delineator was used to determine the participants' learning styles. Sex, undergraduate major, administrative experience, and educational position were other background differences;Significant differences were found for six of 17 appraisal items where learning style was the distinguishing factor. Four of seven lesson plan analysis items were significant. In all four, concrete random (CR) learners rated the lesson plan the highest. Abstract random (AR) learners provided the lowest ratings in four of the six times that showed significance. Overall, the research findings did not validate the conclusion that teacher performance appraisal ratings are related to the evaluator's learning style. However, a trend may be suggested by the propensity of CR learners rating higher and AR learners rating lower;When rating differences arose and gender was the distinguishing factor, females rated the item lower than did males. This would seem to indicate that female evaluators are more critical evaluators, but again the overall evidence was not strong enough to make this conclusion without undue concern;Significant differences were not found on any of the 17 performance evaluation criteria for undergraduate major, administrative experience, or educational position.



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