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This study was designed to: (a) determine whether industrial arts program evaluators reach similar conclusions about the quality of industrial arts programs when they utilize the Industrial Arts Standards as the evaluation criteria, and (b) determine whether the evaluator's degree status, professional role, background, area of expertise, and school size affect the evaluation ratings that he/she assigns to a program;Methodology. Three written descriptions of industrial arts programs were developed. These were submitted to a jury to insure that they represented three different levels of program quality;One hundred seventy-seven respondents from four subgroups of professional educators provided data for the study. Sixty-one high school industrial arts classroom teachers, twenty-seven high school principals, twenty-nine school district and state level supervisors, and sixty teacher educators evaluated one of the three written programs using thirty of the 235 Industrial Arts Standards as the evaluation criteria. Each of the respondents also provided additional data by completing a questionnaire. Multiple regression and two way ANOVA procedures were used to analyze the data. F ratios, means, ranges, and frequencies were used to report the findings;Findings. The highest quality program description received the highest mean rating from the study respondents. The medium quality description received a lower mean rating, and the lowest quality program description received the lowest mean rating. Statistically significant differences were found between the ratings of the low quality program and the medium quality program and between the low and the high quality program. No significant difference was found between the medium quality and the high quality program;The range of ratings obtained for each of the three programs suggests that there was very little agreement among the study respondents regarding the evaluation of the industrial arts programs;Program ratings obtained from teacher educators were significantly lower than those obtained from the other respondents. The findings also indicated that the respondent's degree status and years of tenure in his/her present position affected the ratings he/she assigned to industrial arts programs.



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