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Physics and Astronomy


The Double Pomeron Exchange process is studied as a poten- tial source for the production of gluonic bound states utilizing the Intersecting Storage Rings at the European Organization for Nu- clear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. Three different triggers are studied, which differ in the requirements placed on the slow central system produced by the Pomeron-Pomeron interaction;Exclusive four and six prong events are studied. A spin-parity analysis is performed on the (pi)('+)(pi)('-) system in the exclusive channel pp (--->) pp(pi)('+)(pi)('-) for two of the triggers. The large enhancement pre- viously seen in DPE reactions in the region of the f('0) meson is con- firmed to be a spin-two object. No other resonant states are observed in the (pi)('+)(pi)('-) system. The exclusive channels pp (--->) ppK('+)K('-) and pp (--->) pppp are examined, but due to limited statistics no strong conclu- sions can be drawn from these samples. The exclusive channel pp (--->) pp(pi)('+)(pi)('+)(pi)('-)(pi)('-) is analyzed for the subprocesses pp (--->) pp(rho)('0)(pi)('+)(pi)('-) and pp (--->) pp(rho)('0)(rho)('0). No enhancement is seen for the (rho)('0)(rho)('0) channel. This result is quite different from that obtained for the topologically similar (gamma)(gamma) interaction in e('+)e('-) collisions. A simple spin-parity analysis of the (pi)('+)(pi)('+)(pi)('-)(pi)('-) system reveals no structure as a function of the four pion mass;The exclusive process pp (--->) ppK(,s)('0)K('(+OR-))(pi)('(-OR+)) is studied and the K('0)K(pi) mass spectrum is examined. An enhancement is seen in the region of 1500 MeV, but it appears to originate from events which have missing tracks, rather than from the exclusive final state. While this does not preclude its interpretation as a genuine resonant state, it does not;mean that a definite statement cannot be made on the basis of this analysis; ('1)DOE Report IS-T-1249. This work was performed under contract No. W-7407-Eng-82 with the U.S. Department of Energy.



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