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The purpose of this investigation was to develop a systematic training session which would improve the abilities of school administrators to write quality professional improvement commitments, assess the usefulness of a PIC learning packet, and look at the effect pretests have on the training session and the learning packet. The sample was comprised of participants in a workshop on evaluation and improving teacher performance who were randomly assigned to one of four distinct experimental groups;The use of learning packet and participation in the training session both proved to be successful in increasing the trainees' abilities to write quality professional improvement commitments, as did a combination of learning packet and training session. The quality of written PIC's was determined by averaging the ratings given to each by three independent jurors using a rating scale which examined: (1) specificity and measurability; (2) inclusion of specific procedures; (3) appraisal method; and (4) inclusion of a timeline and target date. The use of a pretest prior to using the learning packet resulted in higher rated PIC's than did use of a learning packet without a pretest. This effect of the pretest did not, however, prove to be significant in combination with the training session alone;Examination of the trainees' specific position, level of employment, or learning style as determined by the Gregorc Style Delineator failed to show any significant difference in ability to write quality PIC's among the groups. It was noted, however, that a majority of teacher evaluators, as represented by this sample, were primarily concrete sequential learners;Findings of this study indicated that school administrators' abilities to write quality professional improvement commitments were increased through the use of systematic training. The importance of continued training in this area has been supported by the available research.



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