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Josephson and quasiparticle tunneling measurements have been performed on superconducting LiTi(,2)O(,4). High quality, dense samples were made by arc melting LiTi(,2)O(,4) pellets produced by sintering con- stituent powders of Li(,2)CO(,3), Ti(,2)O(,3) and TiO(,2). The conductive spinel phase was recovered by annealing the ingot for about two months. The sample was characterized by X-ray diffraction and a.c. suscepti- bility, and it was shown to be in the correct crystal structure with only a slight amount of impurity and have a proper superconducting criti- cal temperature of 11.3 K. The measured density was about 99.3% of the single crystal value, hence the sample was dense and suitable for the tunneling experiment;Josephson point contact tunneling between LiTi(,2)O(,4) and Nb reveals, under K-band microwave radiation of frequency (nu) = 25.2 GHz, Shapiro steps of spacing approximately h(nu)/2e. Assuming the validity of the analysis of Pals and van Haeringen, we were led to the conclusion that the pairing in superconducting LiTi(,2)O(,4) was of the s-wave type, as in Nb;The "squeezable junction" method of Moreland and Hansma has been applied to study the superconducting energy gap of an arc melted bulk LiTi(,2)O(,4) sample and also of co-sputtered MoRe films. The MoRe film was estimated to have an energy gap of 1.05 mV, corre- sponding to a Re concentration of 17%. The energy gap of LiTi(,2)O(,4) is determined to be 1.95 (+OR-) 0.03 mV corresponding to 2(DELTA)/k(,B)T(,c) = 4.00 (+OR-) 0.06, making this material a conventional, electron-phonon strong coupled superconductor. The new results for LiTi(,2)O(,4) rule out the recent suggestion of Alexandrov and Ranninger that this material;might exhibit a bipolaronic form superconductivity, for such a form would be gapless, contrary to our results; *DOE Report IS-T-1245. This work was performed under contract No. W-7405-Eng-82 with the U.S. Department of Energy.



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