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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology


This study was designed to investigate the variety of current models available for the preparation of industrial and technical teachers and to develop a proposed model for implementation in Nigerian teacher education programs. The purpose of the study was to obtain comprehensive information from Nigerian administrators, teacher educators, technical teachers, and graduate students of industrial education for use in formulating a model for developing undergraduate programs of industrial teacher education in Nigeria;A questionnaire was developed to gather the perceptions of the respondents on 78 variables dealing with program objectives, components, competencies, planning, organization and administration. A 99-point certainty rating scale was employed. The data were analyzed using analysis of variance (PROC GLM) and the Scheffe's Multiple Range tests to determine the existence of differences in perceptions among the groups of respondents;Results of the study led to the rejection of two out of five null hypotheses stated in the study. However, nine program objectives, nine broad competencies, and 17 elements relating to the professional, technical, and general education components of teacher education emerged for emphasis in degree programs in Nigeria;Several conclusions were drawn from the study based on the findings related to specific research questions. Among other things, it was concluded that there was a dire need for more programs of industrial teacher education at the undergraduate level in Nigeria;It was, therefore, recommended that the Federal Government of Nigeria should upgrade the federal colleges of education to degree-awarding institutions. Recommendations were made for further research.



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