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The purpose of this study was to assess satisfaction level of enrolled graduate students of the Professional Studies Department with instructional curriculum, advising, and operational aspects of their major;Research methodology incorporated the use of survey research. The questionnaire consisted of background and demographic information and items related to satisfaction with the graduate program. Satisfaction items were: (1) student's satisfaction with program in major, (2) satisfaction with courses in department and a part of the program of study, and (3) overall satisfaction with professional studies department. Data were collected from 205 graduate students;Data analysis included frequency counts, percentages, factor analysis, reliability, Pearson Product Moment correlations, one-way analysis of variance, and t-tests;The study revealed that male students were more satisfied with quality of graduate program and their major professor in their section than female students. Students majoring in Educational Administration were more satisfied with quality of program in their section than those majoring in other areas;As age increased, the mean score for level of satisfaction with the courses in the section increased. Older students were more satisfied than younger students with their courses and the age level of 31-40 had a higher mean score for level of satisfaction with their major professor than the younger age levels;Students employed in local school districts had a higher mean score for satisfaction with career development than any other group.



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