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School district personnel in Iowa realize that from a cost factor standpoint a real energy crisis exists. School energy costs are increasing rapidly;The problem of this study was to investigate the differences in energy efficiency of public elementary and secondary schools in Iowa and to determine which factors are correlated to energy efficiency of school buildings;The purpose of the study was to provide information which will help administrators reduce the current impact of energy costs for Iowa schools;An extensive review of the literature was conducted. Topics included (1) General Information relating to Energy Cost Reduction in School, (2) Specifics of Organizing an Energy Management Program, and (3) Successful Energy Conservation Measures for Schools;This study was conducted at Iowa State University in cooperation with the Iowa Energy Policy Council. Fuel consumption and occupancy data from 980 elementary and secondary schools were used for selecting 36 schools involved in the study. Eighteen energy superior buildings were matched with eighteen energy excessive buildings. Survey instruments were developed for administrators and head custodians of these buildings. In addition, measurements pertaining to the physical characteristics of the structures were analyzed. Tables of descriptive statistics revealed differences in the two building classifications;From the results of this study, it is concluded that (1) the Building Energy Management Index is an alternative method to the Energy Utilization Index when identifying energy excessive and energy superior buildings, (2) standardized energy consumption of the building is not affected by school district size, and (3) significant variables correlated with standardized energy consumption include the degree of air infiltration through the building envelope as well as the combined effect of the overall thermal resistance of the building and the degree to which energy conservation practices are implemented for the building energy system.



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