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A resource packet for FFA officer training was developed to help officers operate the local FFA chapter as a member-centered organization and to train them in methods of delegation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the resource packet;Specific objectives for the study were (1) to determine relationships among specified variables--tendency to delegate, respondent types, chapter/advisor characteristics, chapter activeness, and chapter achievement; and (2) to evaluate the packet by comparing the chapter achievement measures of the three treatment groups;All FFA chapters in Iowa were the population for the study. Sixty randomly selected chapters were assigned to one of three treatment groups--packet only, inservice, or control. The chapter advisors were requested to conduct a six-hour training workshop on member participation and officer delegation for the FFA officers during the summer of 1982. The control group did not use the resource packet. Sophomore FFA members, chapter officers, and the advisors completed questionnaires in January, 1983. Based upon their responses, scores for chapter productivity, drive, and cohesiveness; overall chapter achievement; and officers' and advisor's tendency to delegate were calculated for each chapter;The results of the study indicated that as the number of FFA members increased, chapter productivity, chapter drive, and overall chapter achievement increased. The advisor's rating of chapter activeness and the officers' tendency to delegate were directly related to each measure of chapter achievement. The advisor's tendency to delegate was also related to chapter drive;Chapters in the three treatment groups were not significantly different on any of the chapter achievement measures. Also, there were no significant differences among the three treatment groups on the officers' tendency to delegate; however, advisors in the control group were significantly lower in their tendency to delegate than were advisors in the packet only and the inservice groups. it was determined that while the packet did not significantly affect FFA chapter achievement, the advisors' tendency to delegate was affected by use of the packet. It was concluded that further study was needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the packet.



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