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This is the second phase of a longitudinal research project to determine the effects on the learning environment of the change from a quarter system to a semester system form of academic calendar at Iowa State University. The null hypotheses for this part of the project were: (1) There will be no change in the student's perception of the learning environment between Year 1 (quarter system) and Year 2 (semester system). (2) The degree of change as reflected by difference scores will not be related to the independent variables studied. (3) Within subgroups of the selected variables, there will be no change between Year 1 and Year 2. The independent variables studied were sex, college affiliation, G.P.A., residential location, full-time/part-time, work, attendance at another school under the semester system and classification;Hypothesis number one was rejected for two factors and many individual items in the survey. In Year 1, the respondents were undecided or slightly favorable toward the Semester Advantages factor. In Year 2, the respondents disagreed with the Semester Advantages factor. With the Quarter Advantages factor, the respondents were on the disagree side of the scale in both years, but the disagreement was less strong in Year 2;Hypothesis number two was rejected for the independent variables of classification, sex, and work. The Semester Advantages factor produced a significant change in all three variables;Hypothesis number three was rejected for sex, work, previous exposure to a semester system and classification. The Semester Advantages factor and Quarter Advantages factor indicated significant change for the first three variables while the Cultural/Community Activities factor was significant for graduate students;A prediction equation was attempted for the Semester Advantages factor. The best predictor was how the person scored on that factor in Year 1. However, only 28% of the variability could be explained.



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