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The purpose of this study was to measure the degree to which tolerance for ambiguity and an intuitive management style were qualities that distinguished an "exemplary" sample of Iowa public school superintendents from an "other" sample. The two sample groups were drawn from the population of public school superintendents in Iowa by means of a peer-selection process. Those superintendents rated highest were categorized as "exemplary," those rated lowest were termed "other." The participants responded to a Career/Demographics Page and a 47-item questionnaire composed of parts of the Mobius Psi-Q1 Test, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Rydell-Rosen Ambiguity Tolerance Scale, and the Budner Scale of Tolerance-Intolerance of Ambiguity;The study sought demographic information concerning career mobility and job satisfaction. Hypotheses were tested concerning ambiguity tolerance and intuition. Right brain, integrated brain, and intuitive decision-making styles were investigated within the hypothesis on intuition. Both "separate t" and "pooled t" tests were used to analyze the data. A.05 level of statistical significance was employed;Findings revealed that "exemplary" superintendents were slightly more upwardly mobile and expressed a somewhat higher degree of job satisfaction than did members of the "other" sample. No significant differences were found in right brain, integrated brain, intuitive decision-making processes, or ambiguity tolerance between the two samples;It was speculated in summary that district size may have influenced the peer-selection process. No conclusions could be drawn concerning intuition and ambiguity tolerance. The peer-selection process and two parts of the questionnaire were noted as limitations to the study. It was recommended that further study be devoted to the peer-selection process; to potential relationships between "exemplary" designation and career mobility, other personality characteristics, and professional involvement; and possible correlations between career mobility and job satisfaction in the superintendency.



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