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Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies


The major purpose of this study was to evaluate the undergraduate programs in the School of Family Sciences and the School of Psychology and Preschool Education at Ahfad University College for Women in Omdurman, Sudan. The objectives were: (1) to develop a program evaluation model to use for the evaluation, (2) to evaluate the perceived competencies of students in the two schools, and (3) to evaluate the effect of the Ahfad program on the attitudes and behaviors of students in the two schools towards the roles of women in the Sudan;A total of 165 female undergraduate students from the two schools at Ahfad University were used for the study. The sample comprised 120 first year and 45 fourth year students;A six-stage program evaluation model was developed and used for the study. Two competency questionnaires, one for each school, and an attitude inventory were developed and administered to the students during regular class periods;The perceived competencies of students in Family Sciences were measured on the scales: (1) Health, (2) Child Development, (3) Home Management, (4) Food, (5) Professional, (6) Clothing, and (7) Language. Students in Psychology and Preschool Education were assessed on the scales: (1) Health, (2) Child Development, (3) Psychology, (4) Language, and (5) Special Education. For both schools, fourth year students perceived themselves more competent than first year students;Seven factors measured the attitudes and behaviors of the students. These are: (1) role of Ahfad graduates, (2) professional role of women, (3) traditional roles of women, (4) social responsibility, (5) professional aspirations, (6) leadership, and (7) group membership. The attitudes and behaviors of the fourth year students were significantly different from those of first year students for all factors. Fourth year students had more positive attitudes towards the modern roles of women than first year students;Ahfad University College for Women is making a noticeable difference in the perceived competencies of their students in the two schools. Further, the educational experiences at Ahfad seem to be developing attitudes that will enable the students to become change agents. An ongoing evaluation effort to monitor change would aid Ahfad personnel in their efforts to improve the program.



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