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The purpose of this study was to identify specific characteristics that correlate with achievement and attitudes measures on selected drafting concepts under two teaching strategies: traditional lecture and computer-assisted instruction. The research involved the study of these characteristics and their significance to three dependent variables: (1) student achievement in selected drafting concepts, (2) student attitude toward engineering drawing, and (3) student attitude toward computers. Student achievement was measured with a pair of parallel achievement instruments administered as pretest and posttest, while student attitude toward engineering and computers were measured with a drawing attitude instrument and a computer attitude instrument, respectively. Student characteristics were obtained by using a demographic survey. The reliability coefficient of instruments ranged from 0.79 to 0.93;The subjects for this study consisted of ninety-eight students enrolled in Freshman Engineering 170 during the Fall Semester, 1986 at Iowa State University;A multiple regression analysis procedure was used to identify the significant variables which contributed to prediction of the variance of posttest achievement scores, posttest drafting attitude scores, and posttest computer attitude scores. An analysis of covariance was applied to test the difference of posttest scores between the experimental group and the control group using variables identified in the previous regression analysis as covariates. A paired t-test was also employed to test the difference between pretest and posttest means;The results of analysis indicated that the subjects receiving the computer-assisted instruction achieved significantly greater gains in learning orthographic projection. This study also found that there were significant interactions between the treatment and aptitude in relation to subject's score on the postdrawing achievement test.



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