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Doctor of Philosophy


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Arne W. Nordskog


Chickens from two closely related sublines, GHs-B6 and GHs-B13, differing serologically at the major histocompatibility complex, were significantly different in their humoral response to three avian egg white lysozymes. Specific antisera levels were measured by radioimmunoassay using [superscript]125I-labeled lysozymes. Antibodies elicited in response to these lysozymes are assumed to be directed against sites on these lysozymes where their amino acid sequence differs from that of the recipient G. domesticus egg white lysozyme (HEL). GHs-B6 birds produced a high level of antibody in response to immunization of turkey (TEL), pheasant (PhL) and guinea hen (GHL) lysozymes. GHs-B13 birds produced no detectable antibody to TEL, were intermediate in their response to PhL and equalled the antibody production of GHs-B6 birds in response to GHL. Antisera to each lysozyme were examined for crossreactivity with all other lysozymes by use of a competitive binding assay. Immunization with PhL produced antisera in both sublines which reacted only with pheasant lysozyme. GHs-B6 birds immunized with either TEL or GHL produced antisera which crossreacted with PhL as did antisera from GHs-B13 birds immunized with GHL. Primary immunization with PhL effectively primed GHs-B6 but not GHs-B13 birds for a response to a subsequent immunization with GHL. Crossreactivities of the antisera were related to the amino acid sequence of each lysozyme in an attempt to identify probable antigenic determinants recognized by antisera from GHs-B6 and B13 birds. Differences in the immune responses of B6 and B13 birds were viewed in relation to the determinant selection model and were seen as resulting from differences in antigen presentation by the MHC class II molecules of each subline.



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