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Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Kenneth C. Kruempel


This study presents a computer program as a tool for the harmonic analysis of multi-phase electric power distribution systems. In the program, the source of harmonics can be any number of multi-phase harmonic currents and/or voltages, or up to 10 three-phase converters. Frequency dependent models of ac network elements are assembled into a sparse admittance matrix. Then sparsity techniques are employed to determine the current flow in all elements and voltages at all busses throughout the system at any harmonic frequency up to 3 KHz. Voltage distortion factors that represent the overall effects of the harmonics on the system voltages are also calculated;The digital program was then applied to a multi-phase distribution system in order to observe the response of the system to the various changes that were made in the system. It was found that the converter size and location, the capacitor bank sizes and locations, and the representation of the system loads are factors in determining harmonic current flows and the level of voltage distortion factors;Also, the response of the system to single-phase harmonic sources was investigated and it was discovered that the effects of single-phase harmonic sources can be serious enough that they should not be ignored in the harmonic analysis of multi-phase systems.



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Seyed Hamid Hosseini



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