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Irene Beavers

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Larry Ebbers


The purpose of this study was to identify the demographic, academic, personal, behavioral, and attitudinal characteristics of black and white nontraditional students enrolled at both historically black and predominantly white colleges. To accomplish this purpose, black nontraditional students were compared to white nontraditional students and black traditional students. These groups were divided according to the predominant race of the institution and compared on self-reported academic characteristic (high school grade point average, cumulative college grade point average, and scholastic aptitude test scores) personal, behavioral and attitudinal factor scores using seven factor scales (interfering problems, socioeconomic status, academic integration, academic motivation, social integration, student satisfaction and feelings of racial discrimination);The results of this comparison revealed that nontraditional students enrolled at predominantly white colleges reported a higher mean SAT scores, cumulative college grade point average, academic integration factor score, and academic motivation factor score when compared to those enrolled at white colleges. However, those enrolled at black colleges had a higher mean score on the student satisfaction factor. The mean feelings of racial discrimination factor score was higher for white nontraditional students at predominantly white colleges, and for black nontraditional students enrolled at black colleges;Demographic characteristics data indicated four differences between black and white nontraditional students. Black nontraditional students were more often (1) employed full-time, (2) enrolled full-time, (3) single, and (4) had higher degree aspirations. When compared with black traditional students, minimal differences were found. Higher mean SAT scores and higher mean scores on academic motivation factor were the most important.



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