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Fred Borgen


This investigation sought to identify, characterize, and contrast alcohol use subgroups, by gender, in a college sample. Subgroups were formed by (1) alcohol consumption patterns and (2) cluster analytic methods. The resulting subgroups were externally validated with instruments selected from various domains;In general, univariate and multivariate analyses evidenced the existence of empirically and conceptually distinct subgroups for the majority of cluster derived subgroups. The quantity-frequency of alcohol use subgroups exhibited overall Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) and Personality Research Form (PRF) empirical differences but were conceptually homogeneous. Relative differences were exhibited in individual scale elevations and, in some instances, did not reflect behavioral or cognitive uniqueness. However, many PRF derived clusters did manifest conceptually distinct MMPI profiles;The vast majority of all subgroups were characterized by MMPI Ma and Sc scale elevations. Female PRF derived clusters exhibited additional MMPI F and PD scale elevations with some male quantity-frequency of alcohol use subgroups evidencing F scale elevations;Overall, PRF subgroup commonalities were found for the Infrequency and Understanding scales. Further analysis revealed a wide scatter of PRF commonalities and uniqueness reflecting statistical and conceptual subgroup distinctions for the PRF derived clusters. The majority of quantity-frequency of alcohol use subgroup distinctions were subtle and of little utility in distinguishing subgroups;Compared with previous studies, male alcohol consumption patterns increased slightly, from an already elevated level, while college females demonstrated a dramatic upswing in their drinking habits. There was an overall increase in college student moderately heavy and heavy drinking. Furthermore, college students acknowledge an alarming number of alcohol related behavioral problems.



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