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Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical Engineering

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Theodore H. Okiishi


Results of a high-speed 10-stage axial-flow compressor test involving overall compressor and individual stage performance while stalling and operating in quasi-steady rotating stall are described. Test procedures and data acquisition methods used to obtain the dynamic stalling and quasi-steady in-stall data are explained. Unstalled and in-stall time-averaged data obtained from the compressor operating at five different shaft speeds and one off-schedule variable vane condition are presented. The effects of compressor speed and variable geometry on overall compressor in-stall pressure rise and hysteresis extent are illustrated through the use of quasi-steady stage temperature rise and pressure rise characteristics. The results indicate that individual stage performance during overall compressor rotating stall operation varies considerably throughout the length of the compressor. Time-resolved in-stall data acquired at two different shaft speeds are presented in support of the notion that stage operation varies significantly from entrance to exit of the compressor. Both time-averaged and time-resolved individual stage results suggest that stage matching is important, not only for unstalled performance but also for in-stall performance and recoverability from stall;The measured high-speed 10-stage test compressor individual stage pressure and temperature characteristics were input into a stage-by-stage dynamic compressor performance model. The analytical model had been previously validated for the prediction of low-speed compressor stalling and in-stall performance. Dynamic pressures measured during stalling of the high-speed 10-stage test compressor are compared with analytical model results. The comparison of the model results and the measured pressures provided the additional validation necessary to demonstrate the model's ability to predict high-speed multistage compressor stalling and in-stall performance.



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