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The Peck-Terry-Layton Scale of Values (PTL) was administered to 200 adults nominated by clergy as representative of intrinsic, extrinsic, value conflict and humanitarian religious orientations. The PTL evidenced construct validity for the four subscales which measure these respective religious orientations. The PTL Intrinsic and Extrinsic subscales were comparable to the Religious Orientation Scale (Allport & Ross, 1967) as measures of consistently intrinsic and extrinsic orientations;Intrinsics, as identified by the PTL, were low in extrinsicness and value conflict, and high in humanitarianism. Correlations with religious motivation variables evidenced that intrinsics tended to frequent Bible studies, worship services and prayer meetings; engage in frequent prayer in any place at any time; prefer joining a Bible study to a social fellowship, and endorse definite belief in God. Extrinsics appeared sociopathic in the religious realm. Though they endorsed church membership and attended church they evidenced low religious motivation on most of the religious motivation variables and endorsed agnosticism and atheism. Humanitarians evidenced inconsistent relationships with the religious motivation variables. Those high in value conflict also evidenced inconsistent relationships with all religious motivation variables except two: humanitarians tended to shy away from Bible studies and preferred to join a social fellowship to a Bible study;Intrinsics were associated with a socially desirable presentation and authoritarian characteristics. Humanitarians, extrinsics and those in value conflict tended to be less associated with both these characteristics as compared to intrinsics. Males tended to be low and females high in humanitarianism. Those high in extrinsicness and value conflict tended to be younger. Sex and age were not consistently related to the other orientations;Reference. Allport, G. W. & Ross, M. J. (1967). Personal religious orientation and prejudice. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 5, 432-443.



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