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This history was designed to provide Iowa's educators with an understanding of the development of the national professional self-governance movement in education and the Iowa Professional Teaching Practices Commission (IPTPC). The effectiveness of such commissions was addressed in comparison with and through the specific development of the Iowa Professional Teaching Practices Commission (IPTPC);The IPTPC was analyzed through its rule-making powers, hearing procedures, professional standards, and hearing decisions. Assessment of Iowa's teacher preparation instructional programs on matter of professional ethics and self-governance was provided. The overall effectiveness of the IPTPC was assessed;The perceptions of 335 of Iowa's educators--teachers, superintendents, elementary principals, secondary principals, Department of Public Instruction personnel, and instructors of teacher preparation programs--were surveyed with an instrument developed for this study. Descriptive statistics were developed for survey responses. A one-way analysis of variance was used with these data. Since group sizes were unequal, the Scheffe method of post hoc testing was used when significant F-ratios were obtained and null hypotheses were rejected;The movement for professional practices commissions showed no significant growth between 1973 and 1982. Iowa's teacher preparation institutions indicated a lack of instruction on the standards and existence of the IPTPC. An extensive set of IPTPC case histories provided definition of an operational code of ethics for Iowa's educators. Iowa's educators proved to lack knowledge of the IPTPC and to be in overall agreement with the positions of the IPTPC. Significant differences did exist between occupational groups, with the most differences existing between teachers and school administrators, superintendents, and secondary principals;Although the history of the IPTPC reflects a sometimes frustrated attempt to provide professional direction for Iowa's educators, the IPTPC has enhanced the perception that Iowa's educators are serving in a professional status. The IPTPC has defined and refined the professional standards of Iowa's educators and, with the limited financial resources available, has attempted to effectively provide professional direction and self-governance for Iowa's educators.



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