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Development of leadership skills is a 4-H priority. Therefore, resource materials to help teach delegation of leadership were experimentally evaluated with 106 youth at two Iowa 1983 4-H leadership camps;High-school age campers were randomly assigned to small groups and treatment levels. Trained adults who were either volunteers or Cooperative Extension Service personnel provided over six hours of instruction in leadership using either the experimental materials on leadership delegation or previously developed materials;There were no differences at the .05 significance level between treatment levels in participation of members in small group activities, in leadership styles, or group productivity. In the second camp, there were significant differences in favor of respondents in the experimental group for their tendency toward delegation, drive, cohesiveness, and overall group effectiveness;Hersey and Natemayer's (1982) Problem-Solving Decision-Making Style Inventory was used to assess leadership styles. Although this study involved youth rather than adults, the normal curve distribution of leadership styles approximated the model. Group effectiveness measures of drive, cohesiveness, and productivity correlated positively (.420 to .535) with tendency toward delegation and (.240 to .295) with participation. Drive, cohesiveness, and participation were intercorrelated above .5. Sex of campers was not related to leadership style, except that females were slightly more likely to prefer the participative style. Grade in school and authoritative leadership style were positively correlated at less than .3;Scales measuring group effectiveness should be used in further research on leadership in voluntary groups, both youth and adult. A longitudinal study is needed which would assess other factors as well as resource materials at Iowa's 4-H leadership camps. It might help identify reasons why experimental materials were effective in the second camp but not the first;Reference;Hersey, Paul, and Walter E. Natemeyer. 1982. Problem-solving decision-making style inventory. Learning Resources Corporation, San Diego, California. 4 pp.



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