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This study was part of a longitudinal research project to determine the effects of a transition from a quarter academic calendar to a semester academic calendar on the learning environment. This project was also a companion study to similar research that was being conducted at Iowa State University. Specifically, the project examined student perception of the learning environment, student perception of grade point average, student organizational involvement and ease of articulation to four-year institutions as they related to the conversion from one academic delivery system to another;A major finding of this study was that students perceived a significant difference in the learning environment under the semester system as compared to the present quarter system. Students perceived under the semester system that they would have more time to assimilate classroom material which had been better prepared and that there would be a more leisurely learning pace;Students did not perceive that significant differences would occur in their grade point average under the semester system but rather their grade point average would remain approximately the same. The majority of the respondents were not planning to transfer to four-year institutions; consequently, no significant differences were perceived in transferring to four-year institutions under a semester system as compared to the present quarter system;No significant differences were found when comparing Des Moines Area Community College students with Southeastern Community College students on perceptions of the learning environment, grade point average, or transferring to four-year institutions under a semester system as compared to the present quarter system;Sixty-five percent of the respondents were freshmen; thirty-five percent were sophomores. Females comprised 57% of the sample. The students ranged in age from 18-50, working while attending classes, and they were not involved in student organizations;In summary, students perceived the learning environment would be significantly affected by the academic delivery system.



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