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This study was conducted to determine the selected factors which influence teacher involvement in decision making. As a related aspect of this study, an attempt was made to determine teacher willingness to assume responsibility for decisions in which they participated;The current study was undertaken as a follow-up to the original study conducted by Lynch (1971) and utilized the questionnaire developed by the original researcher with minor modifications;Three hundred questionnaires were distributed to teachers in Iowa during the 1987-1988 school year. The questionnaire intended to determine selected factors influencing decision making at four levels of participation (consultation, involvement, implementation, and evaluation) within the areas of program policy and personnel policy;The selected factors of age, sex, size of the district, number of years in the current district, grade level taught, and involvement or noninvolvement in the local collective bargaining association were analyzed in terms of four levels of participation: consultation, involvement, implementation, and evaluation. The two broad areas of program policy and personnel policy were represented by the questionnaire;One hundred sixty-seven or fifty-five point sixty-seven (55.67) percent of the teachers responded. The information obtained from each questionnaire was analyzed through the use of the chi square test statistic;None of the factors analyzed were found to influence decision making in terms of program policy and personnel policy at four levels of participation;Teachers indicated a willingness to be responsible for decisions in which they participated, though none of the factors treated through the chi square test revealed any significant differences.



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