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This study was conducted by utilizing the Delaware Performance Appraisal System Survey (Teachers) to examine teachers' perceptions related to the effects of a pilot statewide appraisal system on teacher performance, attitudes, and behaviors;The data were gathered from teachers that participated in the pilot appraisal system in Delaware during the 1986-87 and 1987-88 school year. Four districts piloted the appraisal system: (1) Delmar, (2) Smyrna, (3) Christina, and (4) Seaford. The instrument surveyed a total of 505 teachers, including 289 elementary teachers and 216 secondary teachers;Teachers' responses on the instrument were used to assess their perceptions as to the effects of the appraisal system on their performance, attitudes, and behavior. Statistical treatment of the data was completed using the Statistical package for the Social Science computer program. Descriptive statistics were computed to study the relative value of study variables. Frequencies and independent t-test were used to assess the mean differences;The analysis revealed that the appraisal system had significant effects on teachers performance, attitudes, and behaviors. Sixty-three percent of the teachers indicated that the appraisal system helped with their teaching performance. Fifty-four percent of the teachers reported that the appraisal system had a significant effect on their attitude. The analysis also revealed that sixty-one percent of the teachers indicated that the appraisal system had a positive effect on teachers' behavior. Only four percent of the teachers surveyed reported that the appraisal system was a hindrance.



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