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Mary E. Huba


The present research had two purposes. First, the study was designed to validate the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) (Weinstein, 1987) with undergraduate nursing students. Second, a causal model of learning for undergraduate nursing students was developed and tested. Results of the validation study were used for the development of the model;The data were collected on 134 first-year nursing students enrolled at a Midwestern community college. Analysis of the data included (1) factor analysis of the LASSI data; (2) Cronbach alpha to estimate internal consistencies of the revised LASSI scales; (3) Pearson product-moment correlations to determine the relationships among the various variables related to academic achievement; (4) path analysis of the proposed causal model of learning;Factor analysis of the LASSI data indicated existence of four learning process scales with the current sample of students. The four scales were motivation, self-efficacy, concentration/preparation for class and self-monitoring/use of study strategies. These showed moderate to high internal consistency estimates that ranged form.80 to.91;In the path analysis language ability, reading ability and self-efficacy were found to have a direct effect on the academic achievement of nursing students. Self-efficacy was found to be directly affected by the students' language ability, math ability, motivation, and concentration/preparation for class. Life stress, motivation and self-monitoring/use of study strategies were found to influence students' concentration and preparation for class. In turn, self-monitoring/use of study strategies was found to be influenced by individuals' motivation. Overall, this model explained 46% of the variance in academic achievement. Results are discussed in terms of assisting educators to enhance the academic achievement of undergraduate nursing students in community colleges.



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