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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Robert A. Martin


This study identified management skills perceived to be learned and used by Iowa Cooperative Extension professionals. The purpose of the study was to assess the extent to which selected management skills and behaviors were performed as perceived by extension professionals in Iowa. A secondary purpose was to determine the extent to which these management skills were perceived to be learned in a structured educational program and used in professional practice;The study used a quasi-experimental pre test, post test design. Eighty-two individuals comprised the experimental group and 63 the control group. The target audience was Cooperative Extension professionals in Iowa. The treatment consisted of a management education course offered by the Department of Agricultural Education at Iowa State University. Six months elapsed between the pre tests and the post test assessment;The research instrument used for this study was the Management Effectiveness Profile System. Survey data were analyzed with descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, and stepwise multiple regression;Fifteen management variables were identified as perceived to be performed by all extension professionals surveyed. These variables included goal setting, identifying problems, effective planning, organizing, decision making, delegating, team building, evaluating performance, developing subordinates, managing conflict, time effectiveness, stress reaction, commitment level, trust level, and results orientation. Goal setting, effective planning, organizing, delegating and team building were perceived to be learned in the management education course;Four factors were found to be correlated with the perceived management skills. Self-rating was found to be negatively correlated while a positive correlation was found with age, education, and length of service.



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