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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology

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William D. Wolansky


The purpose of this study was to investigate the nature of the current technology education movement and its impacts, problems, directions, as well as prospects for future development of technology education;A survey questionnaire consisting of three parts was used for collecting the data pertaining to program characteristics, objectives, problems, solutions, and prospects of technology education. Factor analysis was performed to verify the underlying structure of the instrument. Four orthogonal factors were extracted from the analysis for philosophical objectives of technology education. These four factors were: (1) technological literacy, (2) conventional IA objective, (3) intellectual development, and (4) use of tools and machines;Six problem factors derived from factor analysis were labeled as: (1) teaching content, (2) perception of program, (3) teacher education program, (4) student recruitment, (5) facility, and (6) teacher shortage;Six solution factors for solving TE problems were also extracted from factor analysis. They included: (1) curriculum development, (2) public relations, (3) teacher education, (4) perspective teacher recruitment, (5) female student recruitment, and (6) facility planning and innovation;Three prospect factors were extracted from factor analysis and were identified as: (1) program quality and image, (2) facility and curriculum, and (3) graduate and enrollment. These derived factors were used for further hypothesis testing;Eight hypotheses were formulated and tested in this study;Results of the study indicated that the responses of the three subject groups were very uniform. Their perceptions on most of the objective, problem, solution, and prospect factors of technology education were not significantly different from one another;A technology education curriculum development framework was presented along with the teaching scope and sequence for K-12.



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