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Doctor of Philosophy


Family Environment

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Craig M. Allen


This study investigated gender and gender identity as predictors of child sexual abusers' perceived sexual and emotional need fulfillment in adult partnerships. The overall sample of 75 male, and 38 female, perpetrators of child sexual abuse was obtained as part of a larger study including perpetrators and nonperpetrators of both genders;For gender, the results showed both perceived sexual need and perceived emotional need to be significantly greater for the women than for the men. This contradicts the predicted relationship between gender and perceived sexual need and supports the hypothesized effect of gender on perceived emotional need;The Masculinity and Femininity scales of the Short Form Bem Sex Role Inventory were used to operationalize gender identity. Perceived sexual and emotional needs were measured using a short form of the Partner Relationship Inventory;For gender identity, no significant effects were found. Independent variables considered were masculinity, femininity, and a cross-classification of high and low levels of these dimensions into gender identity types. The mean sexual need scores of the androgynous (high masculinity/high femininity) females were significantly higher than those of the androgynous males. The androgynous females averaged significantly higher emotional need scores than did males in all of the gender identity types. Mean emotional need scores of the undifferentiated (low masculinity/low femininity) females were also higher than those of males in all of the gender identity types, and these differences were significant or marginally significant. All significant or nearly significant effects remained when statistical controls for age and income were introduced;Implications of the findings for theory, research, and practice are discussed.



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