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The purpose of this study was to examine the status of the Des Moines (Iowa) Independent Community School District school-business partnerships. The nature of partnership creation, maintenance, and evaluation was explored in 65 adopt-a-school partnerships using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM). Data were collected and summarized using two instruments: the School-Business Partnership Questionnaire (SBPQ) and the Innovation Configuration checklist (ICC). The SBPQ was designed and developed by the researcher in conjunction with a panel of practicing partnership directors. Development of the ICC was influenced by previous CBAM research conducted by Hall and Hord (1987)*;Findings from this study indicate that school-business partnerships contain 15 critical components: Criteria for Matching Partners, Networking/Communication Structure, Nature of School-Business Resource Flow, Categories of Support-Business Contributions, Categories of Support-School Contributions, Awareness, Assessment, Goals and Objectives, Program Design, Partnership Coordinator, Program Implementation, Program Activities, Evaluation, Personal Involvement, and Knowledge of the Partnership. The presence of these components is supported by the partnership literature and was confirmed by a panel of experts;Also described in this study are the innovation configurations (IC) that exist among the components. ICs are the operational patterns that result from implementation by different individuals in different contexts. Based upon the summary IC, the researcher concluded that Des Moines partnerships function on 80% of the components at the acceptable use level; 60% of these components were also in the ideal use range. Only in three components (i.e., Criteria for Matching Partners, Assessment, and Evaluation) did partnership coordinators exhibit unacceptable performance. Intervention strategies were recommended for these areas;Findings and conclusions drawn from this research can be used by policymakers to make recommendations and set strategies when planning a partnership. ftn*Hall, G. E., & Hord, S. M. (1987). Change in schools: Facilitating the process. Albany, State University of New York: Ginn and Company.



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