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The purpose of the study was to review Iowa Supreme Court and reported Iowa Court of Appeals decisions regarding various aspects of the operation of public schools in Iowa from 1971 through the end of 1988, in an attempt to assist school authorities in their interpretation and understanding of Iowa school Law; Decisions were studied in eight major categories of school operation: school districts, boards of education, buildings and grounds, personnel, students, school district reorganization, elections, and collective bargaining;The problem addressed was that of determination of legislative intent through court interpretations of statutes and administrative rules that govern the operation of Iowa's public schools. Such interpretation fills in gaps that may exist in statutory law and creates a precedent which may be applied in future disputes. Prudent school district authorities are able to utilize the body of court decisions at assist them in their interpretation and application of law in their immediate situation in the public schools;Summaries of litigation are presented in each of the eight categories. Special attention was paid to the area of personnel and collective bargaining due to the number of cases involved in each of these areas, and the recency of the collective bargaining laws in Iowa. A brief review of significant legislation in each of the categories since 1970 is presented.



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