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Doctor of Philosophy



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Donald P. Durand


Soybean mosaic virus (SMV)-mimicking anti-idiotypic antibodies (Abs) were developed for use as positive controls in enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) and as probes for identification of putative SMV receptors in plants;Anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibodies (McAbs) were generated against either the anti-SMV McAb S1 or against rabbit anti-SMV polyclonal antibodies (SMV Abs);A syngeneic IgM anti-S1 idiotope hybridoma designated 1a produced McAbs which recognized intraspecies, cross-reactive idiotopes (CRIs) on the IgG2a kappa light chain McAbs S1 and NDV4F11, an anti-Newcastle's disease virus McAb. It also recognized an interspecies CRI on SMV Abs. The 1a McAb did not react with all IgG2a kappa light chain McAbs nor did it react with rabbit polyclonal Abs to two other plant viruses;S1 or SMV competed with SMV Abs for bound 1a in ELISAs. This indicated that S1 and SMV Abs have nearly identical CRIs and that 1a recognized an idiotope near the paratope of SMV Abs. Since 1a recognized both SMV and S1, it exhibited features characteristic of an epibody;Since 1a, like bound SMV, captured SMV Abs in ELISAs, it was possible to use an anti-idiotope Ab such as 1a as a positive control in such assays;Four anti-SMV Ab hybridomas produced Abs which in ELISAs, reacted to a greater extent with SMV Abs than with control Abs or SMV Abs in the presence of SMV. In preliminary experiments, these hybridoma Abs appeared to mimic SMV and to inhibit SMV local lesion formation on detached Phaseolus vulgaris L. C.V. Top crop leaves. Whether this inhibition is specific due to hybridoma Abs mimicking SMV or is a non-specific phenomenon has yet to be determined.



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