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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology

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William D. Wolansky


The purposes of this study were (1) to study the present situation of vocational-technical education in Iran, (2) to obtain direct data from the administrators of the Advanced Council for Concordance of Civil Vocational-Technical Education toward the need for semi-skilled, skilled, and technical manpower for industries, (3) to determine the attitude and opinion of 8th grade junior high school students toward continuing their education in vocational-technical institutions, (4) to determine the attitude of 12th grade high school students toward continuing their education in institutions of technology, and (5) to determine the attitude of 12th grade vocational-technical school students toward the curriculum, teachers, and facilities;The population selected for this study included three groups: Group 1 included all 12th grade vocational school students enrolled in 44 vocational schools in Tehran, Group 2 included all 12th grade high school students enrolled in 330 high schools in Tehran, and Group 3 included all 8th grade students in junior high schools within 20 districts in Tehran;The data were collected by questionnaires, and chi square and t-tests were used to test the significant relationships between categories. A five percent margin of error was used for the purpose of this study;Based on the analysis of data in this study, it was concluded that vocational education in Iran is male-oriented, female students have very little interest in pursuing vocational education, and students who have lower grade point averages are more interested in vocational education. Furthermore, students who have more information about vocational education are more interested in it.



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