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The purpose of this study was to evaluate Iowa State University's Minority Graduate Recruitment/Advising Program (MGR/AP), utilizing student satisfaction with the program as the principal determinant. One hundred fifty-three minority graduates who received degrees from 1979 through 1985 were surveyed by means of a mailed questionnaire;The questionnaire requested demographic information and an assessment of how satisfied they were with the MGR/AP and their academic departments. Data collected about academic departments were not used in this study because they are not relevant to the primary focus of this research. Data were collected from 89 graduates;This study disclosed that graduates awarded assistantships prior to beginning graduate study were influenced in their decision to attend Iowa State University. They were more satisfied with their graduate experience than those who were not on assistantships. Graduates granted assistantships for the entire period of study reported a higher level of satisfaction than those supported for only portions of the time. Subjects who completed degrees in 1982 and 1985 reported the greatest satisfaction with the program. Those surveyed indicated that the program coordinator's availability for students, ability to advise and guide graduate students and understanding of and sensitivity to student needs were program strengths. The overwhelming majority of the graduates stated that they were very satisfied with the services provided to them during their periods of matriculation, but agreed that more full-time professional staff should be hired, budget and financial resources should be increased, and that each student's progress should be monitored throughout their period of study at Iowa State University.



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