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Larry H. Ebbers


The purpose of the investigation was to identify and examine the changes and projected trends in the evaluation and selection process of university rental film libraries; to utilize these findings in formulating policies and procedures for the future management of the libraries. The study focused on the specific criteria and steps in collection development and on the influences of video technologies. Eleven demographic parameters and ninety-four selection variables were studied;The investigation was conducted in two phases: a delphi procedure involving a 15 member panel of experts and a general survey of 204 film/video rental library directors. The delphi panelists were asked to forecast ten and twenty-five year trends for rental libraries and to identify and rate the importance of current and future evaluation criteria and selection steps. The survey instrument was designed to gather information on: (a) the importance of selection and evaluation criteria; (b) four selection process steps; (c) eight future trend statements; and (d) demographics of the respondents. Seventy-three surveys met the predetermined requirements of the study and were used in the data analysis. The identified criteria, their ratings, and the trend statements were compared over the four time frames within the study and analyzed across the demographic parameters of the respondents;Major findings include: identification of 28 additional criteria; development of rank-order selection step lists, by importance rating, for current and future utilization; and the scope of influence of current and future video technologies on evaluation and selection. Two demographic characteristics were found to have a relationship with the selection process;Moderate changes in the process were seen happening in ten years. Major changes were identified and forecast as happening in twenty-five years, including the library's appearance and structure, possible extinction, utilization of electronic distribution methods, and obsolescence of the 16mm format. Findings and conclusions have implications for the operation of rental libraries, for distributor/producers of media, and for collection development research.



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