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Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Douglas W. Jacobson

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Arthur V. Pohm


Lately, the interest in integration of voice and data on local computer networks has been on the rise. Subsequently, much research has been devoted to exploring various techniques that are implementable using the existing standards. This research has focused on the design issues in implementing a document retrieval system on a token ring network. The presence of voice and data traffic on the network complicates the protocol design further. The performance requirements of these traffic types are different. Voice creates stream traffic on a network, where as data traffic is bursty. Voice packets need to be delivered within a limited time interval, whereas the data emphasizes on error-free delivery. The necessity and the technological feasibility with off-the-shelf components has prompted this study. A possible solution is discussed in this dissertation;During the course of this research, due to the time consuming nature of simulation experiments, a need for efficient simulation techniques was felt. Thus, as a byproduct of the initial goal of protocol design, an approximate version of the regenerative simulation was developed and is discussed here in detail;Lastly, modeling difficulties encountered in forming an analytical model are listed and a performance analysis of the subsystems of interest is given.



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Sunil Sharadchandra Gaitonde



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