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Larry Ebbers


This study explored the extent of interaction between academic criminal justice programs and state departments of corrections; the extent of interaction there should be; the factors which may serve as barriers to that interaction; and the factors which may promote interaction between the two groups;Data were collected through a questionnaire mailed to a sample of 72 universities and 44 state departments of corrections. A 73% return rate was achieved. The questionnaire contained 29 questions using a 7 point Likert response set and open ended questions. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, the Chi-square Test of Independence, and the t-test;In contrast to recent literature, the data collected in this study indicated that the majority (68%) of academic criminal justice programs and state departments maintain a cooperative working relationship and those relationships are valued. Both agencies hold the opinion that even greater efforts toward cooperative programs are needed. The researcher acknowledges that barriers to the development of a relationship between academic and corrections programs may exist, however, this study failed to identify specific barriers from those factors measured. The major factor measured which may promote interaction between the agencies was identified as being an awareness of a reciprocal need on the part of those agency faculty of staff involved. Among other findings was the indication that prisons are being made accessible to the academic researcher and that academic research is viewed as being applicable to the operations of the prisons;The researcher recommends areas for further study, suggests how this research may be used by academic and corrections professionals, and suggests that future studies should focus on the successful results being realized by those agencies who choose to work cooperatively in a variety of areas.



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