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Doctor of Philosophy


Family Environment

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Tahira K. Hira


The present research examines a comprehensive model of family resource management, using Deacon and Firebaugh's (1988) family resource management theoretical model of the conceptual framework. The components of this model are inputs, transformations, and outputs. The primary hypothesis of the current study is that family well-being as measured by family health symptomology (an output) is influenced by daily hassles (inputs), but is mediated by the transformation of managerial behavior, family adaptability and family cohesion;The data for the study were obtained during the Spring of 1988 through mail surveys as a part of an eight state regional project. This study used data from the Iowa respondents;Three variables represented daily hassles: (1) the time and energy involvement, (2) the positive influence, and (3) the negative influence. Three variables also represented transformations: (1) reported managerial behavior, (2) family adaptability, and (3) family cohesion. One variable represented outputs: family health symptomology. The LISREL statistical package tested the empirical model of the study;The results of the study do not support the primary hypothesis. The influence of daily hassles on family health symptomology is not mediated by the three measures of transformations. Only one of the measures of transformations has significant parameter estimates involving both an indicator of inputs and the indicator of output. The direct relationship between the positive influence of daily hassles and family health symptomology is stronger than the indirect relationship between the positive influence of daily hassles and family health symptomology as mediated by reported managerial behavior;The current study provides partial support for the Deacon and Firebaugh (1988) theoretical framework. The major finding of this study is that inputs as measured by daily hassles affect both transformations and outputs;Reference. Deacon, R. E. & Firebaugh, F. M. (1988). Family resource management: Principles and applications (2nd ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon, Inc.



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