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Within the student affairs profession there is discussion about the quality and accreditation of student affairs/higher education preparation programs. The major purpose of this study was to determine perceived attitudes toward the preparation programs, their accreditation, and existing or potential accrediting organizations. In addition, information was sought about whether or not selected standards and guidelines of the Council for the Advancement of Standards for Student Services/Development Programs (CAS) were met;Data were collected by surveying the chief student affairs officer (CSAO), the dean of the college of education, and the chair or leader of the preparation program at all the institutions having a student affairs/higher education program;Results showed that all three responding groups were positive about the preparation program at their institution. However, a Scheffe test found a significant difference between all possible pairs in the three groups. Chairs were most positive and CSAOs were least positive toward the preparation programs;CSAOs as a group favored accreditation, but deans of education and preparation program chairs were on the average in the neutral range regarding accreditation. CSAOs and chairs generally agreed that accrediting preparation programs would improve their quality; deans on the average were neutral;Although there was general agreement that both professional associations and preparation faculty should conduct accreditation if it is recommended, the respondents had difficulty agreeing on a specific accrediting organization;Fifty-one percent of the institutions responding met all four of the criteria chosen to represent the CAS standards and guidelines for master's programs.



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