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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Richard I. Carter


The purpose of this study was to identify the leadership practices utilized by agricultural education department executive officers through the use of a self-evaluation and a faculty member evaluation. The instrument used for the study was entitled the Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) designed by J. M. Kouzes and B. Z. Posner (1988). Written permission was obtained from the authors to utilize the instrument in the study;The population of the study consisted of 56 DEOs in agricultural education and one faculty member (full, associate or assistant professor) from each department. The respondents provided a usable return rate of 88 percent;Department executive officers were evaluated on their level of utilization of five leadership practices which were determined from responses to 30 leadership behavior statements. The instrument had high reliability and validity as a result of extensive testing by the authors in private and public organizations;Results provided from a t-test pairs program indicated that DEOs in agricultural education perceived their leadership ability to "enable others to act" significantly higher at the.01 level than was indicated by faculty member responses. Significant differences at the.01 level were found between DEO and faculty member responses on the following leadership behaviors: involving others in planning, treating others with respect, creating a climate of trust, and getting others to feel ownership for their projects. Significant differences at the.05 level were indicated for the leadership behaviors of allowing others to make decisions and practicing what is espoused;Significant differences were found between the leadership practices utilized and the DEO's leadership preparation. Department executive officers who completed a course in leadership had significantly higher responses in the leadership practices of enabling others to act and encouraging the heart.



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