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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology

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William D. Wolansky


This study was designed to secure plausible framework for Taiwanese elementary teachers to enhance their teaching technique in science. Two major tasks were accomplished. First, Strategies and Components (SC) embraced in industrial arts projects and science activities were identified by reviewing literatures. Then, six categories were adopted to distinguish these traits. Second, the elementary teachers' perspectives, in terms of importance, feasibility, and adoptability, toward these SC(s) were investigated. The second task was accomplished using self-administered questionnaire survey method to collect data related perspectives toward these SC(s). Consequently, 371 elementary teachers from the school district of interest were identified as effective sample. The teachers were also asked to respond their sex, age, educational background, type of teacher, grade level taught, years of teaching, type of school, and location of school;Positive response results from the data were collected. In other words, the teachers perceive the SC(s) as very important, slightly adoptable, and maybe feasible. Items included in "topic identification" were considered as most important, adoptable, and feasible; while items related to model/aids design and construction received contrary responses. None of the independent variables have influences on feasibility. However, type of school was found influencing those items as less feasible or adoptable by half of the participants. Subsidiary findings also were valuable for revision of the SC(s);Recommendations for future research are experimental study in testing effectiveness of the modified SC(s), replication of the study with different population, similar study to integrate other subject areas, and study on other factors that affect the teacher's perspectives.



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