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The purpose of this case study was to determine if on-campus versus off-campus housing location affected academic achievement among African-American students. The major objective was to survey and provide information on the different types of accommodations, African-American students' concerns, and how these affected their academic achievement. The results of this study indicated that there is no significant difference between the academic performance of African-American students residing on-campus and those who lived off-campus using grade point average as a measure. However, a relationship existed between the students' Scholastic Aptitude and American College Testing scores and their academic performance (GPA);The interviews indicated that the minority student services in the residence halls need to be improved for the students. Major areas of improvement needed based on the interviews were the development of academic, peer and personal support programs that are diversified to meet the needs of African-American students and other minority groups. All the respondents recommended the establishment of a mentor program. Additional issues concerning African-American students were roommate problems, noise, and training of housing staffs that are capable to deal with cultural sensitivity towards African-Americans. African-American students were also mentioned for consideration in this training process;Emphasis should be placed on the orientation of African-Americans about the residence halls, programs, and general living conditions at predominantly white institutions. This activity could promote housing information and encourage African-American students' support in the residence halls. African-American student issues, study groups, and educational programs may be addressed and established. Suggestions were made to help African-American students make a better transition from their current lifestyle and background to the college housing environment of their choice.



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