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The purpose of this study was to explore differences in attitudes among employers with regards to twenty EAP components specifically geared toward alcohol and drug abuse; to explore differences in attitudes among pre-employment drug testing and drug testing within the work place; and to identify characteristics conducive to successful EAPs. The survey used to obtain this information was developed by the researcher. Survey items were grounded in previous literature and related studies;Respondents in the research were 458 employers who recruited through the placement services in business and liberal arts and sciences at Iowa State University, University of Iowa, and University of Northern Iowa during the 1989-1990 academic year. One-hundred-thirty-two employers responded to the survey, completing only those sections that applied to their organizations' programs: pre-employment testing, current employee testing, and/or EAPs;A series of one-way analysis of variance and Chi-square procedures were run to examine differences among the groups. The results indicated differences among the groups in the perceptions of the importance of EAP components in relationship to selected demographic variables. Differences also existed in the perceptions of the importance of EAP components in companies with differing testing policies. In addition, statistical rejection underscored the dependence of testing policies among the groups. Employers who perform pre-employment testing also perform testing among current employees and vice-versa; and employers who pre-test and/or test current employees also have EAPs geared toward alcohol and other drug abuse;Open-ended responses revealed a problem with the referral procedure into EAPs. Frequently candidates or employees who test positive for alcohol and/or other drugs are disqualified for job opportunities or dismissed from their current position. Thus, they may not be eligible to receive the benefits derived from participation in EAPs.



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