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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Robert A. Martin


Over the past decades, there has been a decline in the performance of the Peruvian agricultural sector while the importation of food is increasing. The poor performance of the agricultural sector contributes to the decreasing standard of living among the majority of Peruvians and the increasing level of malnutrition and social unrest;The main purposes of this study were to develop a comprehensive profile of institutions which promote agricultural development in Peru and to provide baseline data on the status of the agricultural extension system as a foundation for future related research. A secondary purpose of this study was to determine the needs and limitations of the agricultural extension system as perceived by individuals who are directly involved in promoting the development of the agricultural sector in Peru;This was a descriptive research study which utilized the survey approach. The research population for this study was comprised of individuals who worked with institutions (i.e., the Ministry of Agriculture, agrarian universities, international development agencies, private research and extension agencies) which had the development of the Peruvian agricultural sector as a primary operational goal. As no comprehensive listing of institutions existed, an in-depth investigation was undertaken to identify all such institutions with central offices in the Lima metropolitan. Two questionnaires were distributed to each of the 110 valid institutions included in the population. The number of usable questionnaires returned were 161, or 73%. Field research for this study was carried out between October, 1989, and September, 1990;Data which provide a detailed profile of institutions and individuals which promote agricultural development in Peru are presented as are data regarding the perceived limitations to agricultural extension and production. The results indicate a strong belief that the agricultural policies of the Peruvian government have had a detrimental effect on the agricultural sector in Peru. Specific issues are identified and discussed. The level of extension service to farmers was found to be strongly inadequate with the exception of the corporate farms. Low product prices and terrorist activities in the countryside were considered prime limitations to agricultural production.



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