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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Richard P. Manatt


The primary purpose of this study was to determine if the ISLLC Standards and 180 domains were appropriate for educational leadership (in practice and in training). Principals from three high expectation districts participated in this study: two school districts in Iowa and one school district in Arizona.;Matrices were created for each school district to show the linkage of the principals' critical work activity, which represented what school related activities they actually spent their time on during and outside of a typical school day, to what their school districts' job criteria and descriptors required. A comparison using these data was then made to the ISLLC Standards. A focus group was held with principals in Iowa who were named "exemplary" by superintendents to obtain their assessments of the appropriateness of the ISLLC Standards.;Generally speaking, it was determined that the ISLLC Standards were very comprehensive and appropriate. The study concluded that all of the three districts' principal job criteria and descriptors linked to the ISLLC Standards, but 28 to 35 percent of the 180 domains were not addressed in these three districts' principal expectations.;It is suggested that one way to include some of the ISLLC domains that center on diversity, ethics, honesty, loyalty, and so on, districts should use 360 degree feedback to tap into the perceptions of students, teachers, parents, fellow administrators, and principal self-evaluation. The following are examples that districts should consider including:;The principal: (1) resolves conflicts in a timely manner. (2) models effective problem-solving skills. (3) works collaboratively with parents. (4) demonstrates high standards of integrity and honesty. (5) treats individuals fairly. (6) respects diverse opinions and views. (7) demonstrates a professional code of ethics. (8) demonstrates a personal code of ethics.;It was also determined that ongoing research needs to occur before universities and school districts embrace the ISLLC Standards.



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