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Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Terry A. Smay


The number of embedded computer systems has been growing rapidly as system costs have declined and capabilities have increased. The rationale behind design decisions for embedded systems is often informal and based on estimates of key values rather than actual measurements. Because of the small number of programs typically executed by an embedded processor, significant opportunities for optimization exist;M2 is an architectural system for computer design. It consists of language tools, architectural tools, and implementation tools. The language tools gather information about programs at compile time and at execution time. This information is used by the implementation tools to generate candidate processor implementations which are evaluated with the architectural tools. The evaluation involves comparing the size, speed, power, cost, and reliability of candidates to constraints set by the M2 user;An M2 design is based on actual program measurements and is documented so its derivation can be publicly considered. It is generated in less time and with fewer errors than manual methods;The M2 project is an extension of work being performed at Stanford University on a workbench for computer architects and of work being performed at the University of Southwestern Louisiana on plausibility-driven design.



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