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Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Education and Technology

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William D. Wolansky


This study was designed to investigate the variety of technology education curricular models currently available and to develop a model with which to implement a technology education program able to enhance the primary discipline for advancing technological literacy within general education in Taiwan, Republic of China;A questionnaire consisting of four parts was developed by the researcher and sent to 584 subjects who were professors, teachers, administrators, and the 4th undergraduate and graduate students to gather the perceptions of respondents in terms of 98 variables dealing with concepts of technological literacy, technology education objectives, technology education curricular frameworks, and the transition to technology education. A five-point Likert-type scale was used. Data were analyzed by means of Analysis of Variance and Duncan's Multiple Range tests to determine the existence of differences in perceptions among the groups of professors, teachers, administrators, and 4th undergraduate and graduate students studied;Results of the study led to the rejection of the four null hypotheses. However, eleven technological literacy concepts, twelve technology education objectives, thirty-six curricular framework statements, and twenty transition steps were emphasized;Eight major conclusions were drawn from the study based upon the findings related to specific research questions. Among other things, it was concluded that there is a pressing need for Taiwan to establish its technology education program in general education so as to enhance student technological literacy;Recommendations were made regarding future research and the Ministry of Education's role to facilitate the transition to technology education from the current Industrial Arts curriculum.



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