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Doctor of Philosophy


Aerospace Engineering

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Kenneth G. McConnell


A longitudinal bar model that includes both stinger elastic and inertia properties is used to analyse the stinger's axial dynamics as well as the mass compensation that is required to obtain accurate input forces when a stinger is installed between the excitation source, force transducer, and the structure under test. Stinger motion transmissibility and force transmissibility, axial resonance and excitation energy transfer problems are discussed in detail;Stinger mass compensation problems occur when the force transducer is mounted on the exciter end of the stinger. These problems are investigated theoretically, numerically, and experimentally. It is found that the measured Frequency Response Function (FRF) can be underestimated if mass compensation is based on the stinger exciter-end acceleration and can be overestimated if the mass compensation is based on the structure-end acceleration due to the stinger's compliance. A new mass compensation method that is based on two accelerations is introduced and is seen to improve the accuracy considerably. The effects of the force transducer's compliance on the mass compensation are also discussed;A theoretical model is developed that describes the measurement system's FRF around a test structure's resonance. This model shows that very large measurement errors occur when there is a small relative phase shift between the force and acceleration measurements. These errors can be in hundreds of percent corresponding to a phase error on the order of one or two degrees. The physical reasons for this unexpected error pattern are explained. This error is currently unknown to the experimental modal analysis community;Two sample structures consisting of a rigid mass and a double cantilever beam are used in the numerical calculations and experiments.



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