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Douglas Epperson


Past research on the effectiveness of acquaintance rape prevention programs focused on changes in reported attitudes under the assumption that changed attitudes lead to changed behavior. However, this research was limited by the use of measures susceptible to social desirability effects and the lack of a theoretical foundation for attitude change.;The current study used the Elaboration Likelihood Model (J. T. Petty & R. E. Cacioppo, 1986) as a theoretical foundation to guide the implementation of an innovative rape prevention program and the evaluation of attitude change. This experimental program used an interactive and non-confrontational format to propose a behavioral system that encouraged men to seek unambiguous sexual consent. This program was evaluated in comparison to a traditional rape prevention program that focused on rape statistics, rape myths, and consequences to victims using a didactic and more confrontational format. In addition, the current study investigated the relationship of hypermasculinity with a range of rape-supportive attitudes and intentions, as well as the differential effectiveness of the programs with low and high hypermasculine men.;Participants were 128 fraternity men who were randomly assigned to the two conditions. Results indicated that hypermasculinity was positively correlated with rape myth acceptance and the intention to engage in sexually coercive behavior. Hypermasculinity was negatively correlated with cognitive elaboration and intention to confront friends and family members who make sexist or rape supportive comments.;The two rape prevention programs did not differ from each other in terms of cognitive elaboration. However, results indicated that participants in the traditional program were less supportive of rape myths than participants in the interactive program. Implications of these findings for prevention efforts and future research were discussed.



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